Why we're here


Why we're here

The Good Kitchen is a social enterprise accelerator for organisations Working to Tackle food poverty, wherever it's found. 

Millions of people are malnourished, while millions of others are obese. While populations starve, we throw away a third of all we produce. Our global food system is a cause for human rights abuses, and major contributor to climate change.

 The Good Kitchen is on a mission to change this: to build a food system that enables everyone, everywhere, to eat a diet that is good for them, good for humanity, and good for the planet.

We search the world for entrepreneurs with the best ideas on how we build the future of food. Then, we support them with generous investments, bespoke training, exceptional mentors, and access to decision-makers in the food industry.

Our Manifesto

Our Manifesto

We know that there are plenty of accelerators out there, and we love that you are considering applying to us.

As we grow, we want to be able to stay honest to ourselves (and you), ensure that we're working towards addressing food poverty globally. To help us do this, we've created five core values which we strive to live by.

    + We are serious about solving food poverty.

    Ridiculous levels of obesity and malnutrition, unimaginable food waste, crippling contracts for farmers, emptying oceans: the stories of our broken food system are well documented. This is why we’re backing bold and innovative social businesses that tackle food poverty in a scalable and sustainable way. If your idea doesn’t quite make the cut this year, but we think you’re onto something great, we promise to help you in any other way that we can. Food poverty is a mammoth and urgent problem to solve, and we believe in supporting more than just our investees to be making progress.

    + We are here to fund innovation and take risk.

    We believe that funding innovation is key to creating a world where everyone, everywhere can eat a healthy and sustainably sourced diet. Innovation, currently, remains in the hands of a small group of food and agriculture businesses. We want to blow open the food and agriculture sector by backing innovative, risky, early-stage organisations and demonstrate that it is possible to make money and do good.

    + We want to be co-creating the programme with you.

    You know what support you need best. If you are accepted onto our programme, we won’t be prescribing training sessions that you do not need (or want). Instead, we'll build a personalised programme of support in partnership with you, making your journey with The Good Kitchen as relevant and useful to you as possible.

    + We’re always here to help.

    From nudges if you’ve not quite finished the expression of interest form, to tips on how to best prepare for the interview panel. We’re here to make the application process as easy as possible for you. We'll provide timely and transparent feedback, and always be available to answer your questions and ease your concerns.

    + We are entrepreneurial.

    We couldn’t have started The Good Kitchen without a lot of grit, some invaluable access to market opportunities, and an incredible funding and support network. We know how tough it is to be starting up a business, and understand what you’re going through. We want to ensure that you get the right support at the right time (just like we did) to help you on your journey towards solving food poverty.