Spring 2017


Spring 2017


Spring 2017 - London

In Spring 2017, The Good Kitchen welcomed its first cohort of social enterprises to it's accelerator programme. Having received over 100 applications from 21 different countries, it was not an easy task selecting the final five.  Nonetheless, we got there and are very proud to introduce you to our first cohort.

From providing farmers with big data to inform their trading decisions to revolutionising the way that livestock and fish-stock is fed, we're so excited to see how our five finalists will change the food system for the better.


Mimica Touch

The information we use to decide when to throw food away is inaccurate. Conservative expiry dates costs retailers tremendous amounts as they throw away up to 16% of their stock on short-life products. Mimica Touch is a food freshness checker that reacts to the environment around it, just like fresh food does and updates itself.

The label is checked by touch; when it's smooth - your food is fresh. If you feel bumps - then it's time to bin. The label only goes 'bad' when your food does too.

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Cultivando Futuro

The team behind Cultivando Futuro travelled thousands of miles across Colombia listening to the stories of farmers, and learning about where the industry isn’t working in their favour. 

This led them to create the first agro-commerce platform, which improves the efficiency of the food supply chain by connecting all the key actors, opens up new channels for direct trading to farmers so that they can access to better market opportunities, and guides the industry through big data analysis and open data visualisation.

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The current farming system is heavily reliant on protein from dwindling fish stocks and land intensive soya to produce the animals we humans eat. Entocycle are harnessing 150 million years of nature’s research and development to produce a solution to feeding the world. They believe that insect protein is the future of farming

Entocycle are using the power of Hermetia illucens (Black Soldier Fly) to 'up-cycle' organic food waste into a sustainable protein feed alternative for aquaculture and livestock, and simultaneously surpassing current waste processing alternatives.

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Fazla Gida / Whole Surplus

In Turkey, approximately €2bn worth of food is being wasted. This surplus food is a cost not only for producers, but also for warehouses, logistics operators and food waste solution providers. To prevent catastrophic levels of food waste, the Turkish government offers a 100% tax deduction incentive to companies donating surplus foods.

Through it’s donation platform, FazlaGida takes into account the economic, ethical and environmental around food waste, and provides professionals in the food industry the opportunity to offer their unsold but safe-to-eat products online to food banks.

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Make Kit

In the UK, approximately a third of children are obese or overweight by the time they leave primary school. The problem worsens for people from lower socio-economic backgrounds

Make Kit’s creates recipe kits, which are part subsidised, making them affordable to people on a tight budget. They are built on recipes created for and by the local community, and sold in accessible locations such as community centres, NHS surgeries, nurseries, through community cooking events, and in areas with high levels of obesity and health inequality.

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