Right from the start, we built Mimica to have a positive social impact. That is at the centre of everything we do and where we plan to go.

It’s so exciting that what originated as a boundary-pushing university project, is now gaining real traction from the market and, therefore, can soon start making a real difference.

The idea for Mimica Touch was inspired by our founder, Solveiga Pakstaite, and her commitment to building a better world through design. It was during her degree project that Solveiga came up with the idea for a tactile freshness indicator, Mimica Touch. As part of her degree research, Solveiga was spending time with people with visual impairments, learning about their daily lives and the barriers they face. One of the most common barriers was the expiry date on packaged foods; because people living with visual impairments could not read the best-before dates, they were not buying fresh food, only tinned, with the expected negative health consequences.

Solveiga quickly realised that visually impaired people were not the only group being affected in this way. People with low literacy or numeracy skills and people with cognitive impairments are also excluded by the system. Solveiga’s elegant solution was a tactile label that is accessible and understandable to everyone.


Crucially, Mimica recently hired Sophia Walsh as Environmental-Social-Governance (ESG) Coordinator to anchor our ESG planning and implementation. Sophia’s background in environmental engineering and sustainability makes her invaluable to the commitments Mimica has made to using the IRIS impact metrics system and to achieving B-Corp status.

These systems will be measuring, amongst other things, the social and environmental compliance of our global supply chain, to make sure that Mimica is actually making the kind of positive impact it was started to make. Our Chief Business Development Officer, Laurence Kayson, is an expert in building and operating exactly such a system of supply chain quality and transparency, and will be leading the development a transparent and certified ESG supply chain for Mimica.


Mimica’s social impact ambitions started with wanting to make food information accessible to all, and as it turns out, Solveiga has been able to design something that will also help reduce food waste on a massive scale. Mimica Touch improves retailer profits by reducing food waste, so it pays for itself, thus having a powerful commercial motor driving its implementation. Finally, the company is advancing its corporate social responsibility frameworks internally to ensure it will be the progressive and supportive place to work for people of all backgrounds.

It’s been an interesting journey from Solveiga's first tentative steps towards commercialising Mimica Touch on her own to where we are today with an amazing team who have a wealth of experience for how to turn new thinking into new industry standards. It’s no coincidence that Mimica has been built from a melting pot of expertise and personalities, and this we feel is a critical part of making real environmental and social impact to build a future of food that is high quality, safe and accessible to all.

For more information on Mimica, visit their website: www.mimicalab.com

Blog written by Sophia Walsh (ESG Coordinator) & John Knechtel (CFO), Mimica Lab